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Landlord Certificates in Edinburgh,Fife, Dalkeith, Midlothian and Surrounding Areas

  • EICR / Landlord Reports
  • Periodic Inspection Reports
  • Portable Appliance Testing
  • Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate
  • EPC / Energy Performance Certificates
  • Legionella Risk Assessment
  • Gas Safety Certificates

David Love Property is a family owned business and a fast-growing organization that functions around Central Scotland. The areas where this company offers services include Edinburgh, Dalkeith , Bonnyrigg, Fife, Glenrothes,Kirkaldy and Dunfermline . It was founded in the year 2001. We have a dedicated team of professionals who specialise in Landlord certificates like EICR, Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate, Portable Appliance Testing and Periodic Inspection Reports. We are recognized electricians having extensive working experience and qualification to comply with the industry standards. At David Love Property, we implement latest tools and technologies for testing and inspection of the tenant’s property in areas like Edinburgh, Dalkeith and Gorebridge.

EICR / Landlord Reports from David Love Property

The EICR is mainly designed to inspect the electrical installation of a particular property. The EICR inspection helps in ensuring that the electrical fixtures and the fittings are working, in the right condition and they are safe for the residents who are living in the property. The professionals electrician at David Love Property will check the electrical equipment in the right manner and then produce a report. If you want to keep your installation and equipment in the right condition and want to stay safe, you should hire an electrician from David Love Property. We provide competitive price for our services. We do not have any hidden charges. The landlord certificates offered by us involve minute checking of electrics and ensuring that they are in the right condition.

We Offer Portable Appliance Testing

We provide PAT Testing services to businesses, letting agents and landlords in the areas like Edinburgh, Fife,Dalkeith and Midlothian as part of the complete safety certificate services. Portable Appliance Testing is mainly carried on to ensure that all the electrical equipment that is termed as the “portable” is safe to use. If you are an owner of the house or the letting agent living in the areas like Edinburgh, Dalkeith and Midlothian, complying with the PAT testing requirements will ensure that all the portable appliances that are used in the business are safe to use. PAT testing also helps you to avoid any safety violations. This is one of the major services that we provide that come with the landlord safety certificate services.

Periodic Inspection Reports from Our Experts

The professional electricians of David Love Property provide periodic inspection reports. All the appliances that are used in the commercial sector or at the homes of rented properties should be checked periodically to ensure that they are working in a safe manner. The periodic inspection also ensures that the appliances will not harm the residents.

Thus, if you are not sure whether the electrical installation or equipment is running in the right manner, you should call out an electrician from David Love Property. We are just a call away!