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Are Your Outdoor Electrics Safe?

Are Your Outdoor Electrics Safe?

Are your outdoor electrics safe?

Statistics show that one of the leading causes of circuit breakers and RCD’s tripping is dodgy outside wiring. External wiring is subject to harsh climate conditions. Outdoor electrics have to meet the Ingress Protection (IP) requirements that was designed for the circuit. This means the electrical equipment will be able to operate safely in the harsh environment it was designed for. Some outdoor electrics are even designed to be submerged in water continuously (IP68). It is perfectly acceptable for electrical apparatus to be submerged in water if it was designed to do so. What is not acceptable is when normal electrical equipment that is not IP rated is used outdoors. A handyman installing an outdoor fitting that is IP rated can still create potential danger as he has not been trained in the IP concepts and will not be fully aware how he should seal the equipment to the relevant IP standard.

How do you ensure your outdoor electrics are safe?

You employ a competent electrician to check and install your outdoor electrical equipment. We recommend that all outdoor electrics are connected to an earth leakage protection device like a RCD or RCBO. In the event of an earth fault, this will cut off the electricity to the circuit before it will stop your heart. This can save your life. David Love Property can help you make your outdoor electrics safe and keep your family and pets from harms way. Book an electrician to come and visit your property and advise on how to improve your electrical safety in the garden. We can help with garden lighting, outdoor sockets, green house heaters, patio heaters, hot tub installations, garden pond pumps, sump pumps, lawn mower charging points, security lighting, CCTV cameras. Make sure your garden electrics are safe!