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Will A New Boiler Save Me Money?

Will A New Boiler Save Me Money?

Will a new boiler save me money?

Yes! If you replace a non condensing boiler with a condensing boiler you will save an average of £340 per year as condensing boilers are on average 25% more efficient. The environment will benefit too as their will be less carbon monoxide released to atmosphere. Not only will you save money and help the environment but you will have a more reliable heating system that will be less likely to break down on you. If your new boiler did breakdown it would be covered under warranty. Many manufacturers are offering up to 7 years no quibble warranty with new boilers.

Are there further savings to be made?

Yes! If you replace a system boiler and hot water cylinder with a combi boiler then you will no longer need a hot water tank. This means you will only heat up water that you will use. You don’t have to heat an entire cylinder of water just to get some hot water to wash your hands. When a combi boiler is installed the hot water cylinder can be removed. This means you gain space in your cupboard. Let’s face it – you can’t have enough cupboard space.

What else can save money?

Fitting a smart heating controller can save you money. It is connected to your internet connection. This means you can control your central heating from your mobile phone. Traditionally people set their central heating with timers. For example, you would turn your heating on at 5PM if you were coming home from work at 6PM. If you were going to be late from work then you were wasting money heating the house. If you had a smart controller you would be able to start and stop your heating from you mobile phone. This can save you money if you want to turn your heating off or turn the temperature down if you are not going home. It is not just about saving money, you can use it to set the temperature to what you desire all day and night.